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Friday, 25 October 2013

west bengal unsatisfied women

west bengal unsatisfied women

bengali women and girls are so beautiful and so sexy . its easy to get a crush on such girls and seeing west bengal women and housewives in kolkotta walking around in those wonderfull saree blouse is a real joy to the eyes !!

well some women must be into fun love dating romance etc , there are millions of bengali girls all over the world and its seems that there must be 1000s of bengali housewives interested in making relationships and flirting and going out with new male friends ??

bengali married and Unsatisfied housewives from kolkotta. the headlines screamed at me on google search.. So many men and guys searching for unsatisfied bengali housewives and claiming to "give satisfaction"

what is this ??
who gave them such a ridiculous idea !!

I think that all MEN are unsatisfied and not women !!

its some stupid indian mens fantasy that bengali women are unsatisfied to a degree that they are running here and there searching for men
ha ha ha ha


how funny

but actully there are women and girls and housewives in kolkotta westbengal and all india and bangladesh like any normnal human beings !!

they also need love and friendship

but they are not runnign around mad like men !!
men are going mad like mental patients !! just search google and se how many men have made profiles askign and begging and "offering" to satisfy bengali women online !!

how sweet and kind hearted

except if there was any accident or such problem you wont find any such kind hearted guys

only for satisfying women they are "kindhearted

and ha ha ha ha

cant even believe this

some guys say " we dont want money for our services'

ha ha ha ha.. posted by
+Gayatri R.Sunil 


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